FIRE Jun 7, 2019

There were a number of summers I spent hours gazing at the flickering light of campfires along the river. At night mesmerized by the intense flames and then in the morning huddled next to the heat, cooking breakfast on smoldering coals. I can also recall a few winters living in a cabin buried beneath the snow. Desperately cold and struggling to get warm through the warmth of the fire in the wood burning stove.

Take a moment to consider how we can flicker softly from strong and steady heat or how we can become a scorching, lava erupting volcano of destruction. Or even the ashes of a great bonfire. I seem to glow brightly somewhere in the middle most days. The Fire Element is associated with creativity, free will and transformation. Without question, fire is also a primal element. Our survival and comfort often depends on it. From fire, which gives light, warmth, and heat we can be inspired to learn to see in a more lucid manner revealing insights which can offer untold power.

I invite you to use fire as the fuel for the creation and manifestation of your intentions. Let go of what no longer serves you. Release, stagnant or explosive energy by invoking the power of fire.

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