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Living abroad is exciting but can be a stressful experience as you and your family find or discover a “new normal” in a foreign country and culture. As a modern-day explorer and world citizen, I have lived and traveled abroad extensively in the last three decades. Not only do I understand the wonderful opportunity it is for expats to live in a world not their own, but I can empathize with the unique challenges people face when they are surrounded by the unfamiliar. Especially, when families are living abroad and have children with special needs or mental health challenges.

I am here to help guide you and your family on a positive journey into a new world of experience.

Therapy sessions are conducted via Skype or Zoom depending on location. Although telephone sessions are available, video chats are preferred unless your location makes it difficult to connect due to an unstable internet connection. 

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Your thoughts and your emotions are waves of energy. So much so, they can be mapped by using electrodes and neuroscience.
By simply imagining something different we build new gray matter and neural networks of opportunity and change.